Organization Name



December 1970

Goals and Objectives

  1. Promote Japanese travel to Hawaii
  2. Foster and grow relationships between JHTA members andother industry partners
  3. Enhance cooperation and support between businesses and organizations within Hawaii’s tourism industry
  4. Advocate high standards for industry promotions and other marketing initiatives
  5. Encourage and sustain the highest ethical standards in travel industry operations
  6. Continue to strengthen the relationship with the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA)to promote the exchange of ideas and expertise
  7. Improve community relations to grow public understanding and support for Hawaii’s tourism industry


This association is composed by following members:

  1. Regular :
    A company or person(s) which are registered as an inbound tour operator within the State of Hawaii.
  2. Associate :
    A company or person(s) which are licensed to do business in Hawaii and is connected or affiliated with the travel tourism industry.
  3. Advisory :
    A government or private, non-profit organization affiliated with the travel tourism industry.


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