Japan Hawaii Travel Association (JHTA) is a non-profit voluntary organization since 1970. It consists of tour operators registered in Hawaii as regular members and companies or individuals related to the travel industry as associate members. In addition, the Consulate General of Japan, Hawaii Tourism Bureau, and Oahu Tourism Bureau are participating as advisory.

Greetings from the president and chairman of JHTA on the 50th anniversary



I would like to extend a warm welcome to you, on behalf of all the JHTA members in Hawaii.

Japan Hawaii Travel Association, JHTA was established in 1970 with just a handful of members. Today, it has grown to a membership of 53 representing a wide variety of travel related business such as airlines, hotels, ground transportation companies, tour attractions, restaurants and financial institutions.

There are advisory members such as Consulate General of Japan, Hawaii Tourism Authority, Hawaii Tourism Japan, Hawaii Convention Center and Oahu Visitors Bureau.

The purpose of JHTA is to support and promote Japanese tourists coming to Hawaii. JHTA facilitates activities between local and federal governments and tour-related business organizations, while enriching relationships within our Hawaiian community.

We have a mission to contribute and support building a sustainable tourism industry in Hawaii with respect to perpetuating and preserving Hawaii’s history, culture and wonderful nature.

We are mighty proud and honored to be taking part in this statewide effort while also achieving our purpose and mission here in Hawaii.


Hiroyuki Kitagawa                                                                                                  

President and Chairman                                                                                                                                                 

Japan Hawaii Travel Association  

JHTA Related Figures 2019 (economic impact)

938,936 Total number of customers from Japan by JHTA travel companies 
1,337,501,601 Expected total spending $ in Hawaii by above customers 
HTJ Monthly report(Japanese)
20200227 December 2019 Japan Market Stat
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